Monday, September 10, 2012

Picnics 55 and 56

We wrapped up picnic season a couple weeks ago, topping off at 56 picnics. Not bad, but not even close to our 70 from last summer. I would happily still be eating meals on the deck, but since the bees and wasps have gotten a little thick around here lately, we've decided to stay indoors with food. I don't know if bee allergies are hereditary or not, but it's certainly not worth the risk, in my mind. Picnic #55
Aug. 26. At Cobblestone Lake Park in Apple Valley. We came here to play checkers on the checkerboard table. Uncle Mark joined us and got beat by Brady in one of the games :). Picnic #56
Aug. 27. At home. We planned to take this to a park, but the boys were too busy playing with neighborhood friends to make it out in time. Oh well, we enjoyed great weather none-the-less.

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Katie said...

Looks like you had a alot of fun with picnics this year again!!!