Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Yesterday marked the start of a new school year for Brady and Logan.
Brady started 2nd grade and Logan started kindergarten. They both jumped on the bus with excitement and jumped back off with stories to tell and new friends to talk about.
Daddy was able to work from home yesterday, so he was there with me, at the bus stop, all 3 times it came.
Logan eating his "first day of school cinnamon rolls" for breakfast.
Getting ready to head to the bus stop.
New backpack.
18 kids at the bus stop! The bus is full after it drives down Duluth St. Seriously. I will be sad to leave this awesome neighborhood full of children.
Brady getting on his bus.
Waiting in the bright sun for the afternoon school bus.
New Spiderman backpack!
At the bus stop, with friends Gavin, Bailey, and Brooklyn.
Stepping onto the bus for the 1st time ever.

After school, our neighborhood moms set up an ice cream social for all of the kids. Apparently they do this on the first and last days of school each year. What a great idea for the kids!

News from the day:

Brady made a new friend named Dylan, but was kicked on the playground by Nathan.

Logan loved the Oreos, but was bummed that there was no fire pole on the playground.

Marshall napped from the time Logan's bus picked him up until the time it returned.

I am excited for my boys to start this new chapter of their lives, and although it makes me sad to see them growing up, I couldn't be more proud of both of them.
Also, Logan is so eager to read, he has already learned 24 of the 30 words he needs to read by the end of kindergarten! (He's going to be a great reader, just like his big brother).

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Anonymous said...

So glad the first day went well! It's so fun to watch them grow up and head off to school...but sad too. :)