Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I haven't blogged much lately, because honestly, there has not been much to blog about.

Here are a few tidbits for you, while we wait for something more exciting to happen in our lives.

- Brady is playing flag football and has a game tonight against his best friend's team. It should be interesting.

- Our children have officially made friends in the neighborhood--lots of friends--all 3 of them.
It's great, but also tiring. We have friends at our door constantly. They come for Brady or Logan usually, but often end up playing with Marshall instead :).

- Logan loves the school bus! He loves it so much that he bought himself a toy school bus at Cub (he calls it his $6 bus). The first thing he does after coming home from school is find the bus and start playing.

- Brady's homework is getting more challenging for him--finally. Last night it took Brady, Mommy, and Daddy to figure out his math homework. Apparently it's been awhile since any of us learned magic squares.

- Logan is learning to read! It's so fun to listen to him sounding out words and then putting the sounds together to form words. I am so proud of him. Brady's reading is taking off too. He brings home chapter books every night that he reads for the next day.

- Marshall has been working on mastering the potty since about June. He is still a work in progress, but yesterday he managed to keep his pants dry all day long (even during nap)! He was super proud of himself.

- In 17 days we are driving to Florida with the kids. They will be missing 3 days of school, and they are already preparing to stay caught up during those days. This will be mine and Peter's 3rd trip to Florida. Each time, we wished we had the boys along, so I am so excited to finally bring them!

- The leaves are changing. Fall is here. It is so beautiful outside. As we all study Genesis in BSF, I am trying to take time to enjoy God's creation each day and share my enjoyment with my children.

- We are in the early stages of considering adding to our family again. This time, we are looking for a small pet. I can't say at this point if we'll take the leap or not, but it's fun to look and research with the kids.

- I have been thoroughly enjoying my afternoons alone. It is so great to have a peaceful time in the day to myself. I know many people do not get this, so I am trying hard to take full advantage each day. So far, I have spent my days cleaning drawers and closets, spending time with God, preparing meals, ironing clothes, doing laundry, and tidying the house. Once I even took a nap! I am really hoping to spend some time catching up on my scrapbooking soon as well.


Katie said...

Great blog Molly! Fun to see all the updates.

Anonymous said...

Love the update! :)
I need to get to mine too!