Monday, May 7, 2012

The View From Here

Our dryer isn't working. Apparently there is something wrong with the push buttons. I am glad that as renters, this is not an expense we have to pay for. I am bummed to have no dryer, though.

Since our family of 5 will eventually run out of clean socks, I decided to do some laundry today.
Thanks to the blowing breeze outside and the living room ceiling fan, everything managed to dry. Although they may be a bit "crispy", at least we'll have clean socks and underwear in the morning.

Here is my Logie-bear sitting on the front steps. He was sitting near our duck nest last week. The duck nest that is no more this week. You see, last week a mama duck came to our front door, made a nest, laid 7 beautiful eggs, and was planning on coming to lay some more before sitting on them for 29 days (can you tell I've been talking to the DNR?). Unfortunately, her plans changed when a mean old crow came 3 times and ate up her beautiful eggs. How terribly sad! All that remains of the nest now is some twigs and one cracked egg. I am praying that she found a new place to make a nest and that her ducklings will arrive safely this summer.


Katie said...

There is nothing like good old fashioned laundry hanging up!! FUN!

Poor ducks...that is so sad...:(

Anonymous said...

I'm sad about the ducks too! Makes me want to kill some crows! :(