Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small Update

I am not a fan of laptops for many reasons, but since tonight that is what I am using, I will make my update a brief one.

- Logan has 7 more days of school, Brady has 16. I have one more week of BSF with Marshall.
- Brady had his final track and field practice last night, and he has his final track meet on Saturday morning.
- In about a month, Logan will start T-ball again and Brady will start Intro to Flag Football.
- In about a month, Brady will turn 7 and Logan will turn 5. Holy cow!!
- Peter's luck has struck again :). This time he won 4 tickets to Sunday's Saints game. It should be fun.
- All 3 boys ran through the sprinkler yesterday. Brady tossed the frisbee into the lake accidentally. Daddy   raked it out.
- Logan and Marshall got their hair cut today. I had 2 coupons, so we went to 2 different places.
- Logan and I planted flowers today and tomorrow we will wash the van.
- Peter has been working lots of extra hours at work lately, I mean lots! This week things are finally back to normal and he even took Friday off work.
- Peter was an awesome Daddy this past weekend while I worked. He managed all 3 kids at Brady's track meet, took the kids on 2 picnics, brought the kids to church, bathed all 3 kiddos, and manged to keep the house quite clean as well. I love him!
- I am still running. I get up at 6am and run 3 miles most mornings, or at least 5-6 days a week. I really enjoy it--the time alone, the music on my ipod, and the way my muscles burn when I am done.
- I am really appreciating the fact that Marshall has slept until at least 8am everyday since we moved to the new house. It makes my mornings move along smoothly, even with my running.
- I love the new creatures in our neighborhood. While running, I have seen baby birds, baby geese, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, an ugly black snake, and lots of adorable dogs. I have also heard the hoots of an owl someplace nearby. Today on our deck, I saw a Red-winged Blackbird. So pretty!
- In the past month, I have been incredibly encouraged by the bible readings associated with my BSF lessons, the words of 2 of my cousins (on FB, in e-mail, and in person), and the words and conversations with my sister. I am trying to hear exactly what God is trying to tell me.

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Anonymous said...

HOOT!!!! I want to see that owl! :)