Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picnics 6-10

Ok, so I know I asked if you wanted to see pictures of our picnics this year and no one said yes. But, I've decided that it is the best way for me to keep track of how many we've done and where they were, so you'll have to bear with me or stop reading :).
Picnic #6
April 4. In our back yard. We had s'mores for dessert too :).

Picnic #7
April 6. At Pine Knoll Park in Farmington. It was a windy day, and this park is known for having large trees that block the wind. It worked perfectly!

Picnic #8

April 11 (I think, it's been so long now). In our back yard again, with Uncle Mark. Hot dogs on the fire :).

Picnic #9

May 10. At Lions Park in Coon Rapids. We met up with some friends for some pizza here :).
Picnic #10
May 12. At Tamarack Park in Farmington, near our old home. Peter took the boys after Brady's track meet, since I had to work.


Katie said...

What fun to have picnics and bonfire in the background!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I said yes! :( Maybe I forgot? I LOVE the picnic pictures!!!!!! :):):)

Molly said...

Yes, I checked. You did say yes :).