Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 2

Ok, so maybe I had a little too much fun with Valentine's Day this year, but the boys really enjoyed it. I think with all the stress from the sale of our house being lifted, it just feels good to have the time and energy to have some fun.

For dinner last night, we spread out the place mats that Logan made and put out the centerpiece that Marshall made. We even lit some pretty red candles to go on the centerpiece (thanks Katie).
Then we ate our red, heart-shaped pancakes and a special strawberry cream pudding pie with sprinkles.

Peter and I were also able to spend some time together last night, and we are all looking forward to the basketball game tonight.

Sorting through their Valentine's from school.

Simple dessert.

Waiting for dinner.

Goofy grin.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!! :) Have fun at the game tonight!

Katie said...

What an awesome day! You are a great mama!