Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 1

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Since the day is still young, I labeled this post "part 1". That does not guarantee however that there will be a part 2...just so you know :).

For Valentine's Day this year, Peter and I are taking the big boys to see a Timberwolves game tomorrow night. We were able to get tickets in the upper deck for $2 each, so it was definitely a win-win situation for the 4 of us attending the game.

My real Valentine this year is Peter (as he has been for the past 13 years). Unfortunately we won't be able to celebrate together, just the two of us, this year...away from the house anyways.
Now that the movie Courageous is available to watch On Demand, I am hoping we can spend an evening this week seeing that movie. I have heard excellent things about it!
I am so grateful for Peter and his love for me and for our family. He is an excellent husband, father, and provider for us and we are so blessed to have him!

For the boys....
Both Brady and Logan had Valentine's parties at school this week, where they received valentines from the kids in their classes. They both had such a great time writing out the valentines and then handing them out.
Today I have put a special emphasis on love and hearts in our house today.
Brady got a heart shaped note in his lunch at school, and I made heart lunches for Logan and Marshall.

Logan and Marshall also did some Valentine's Day crafts to decorate the house and Logan worked hard on some place mats to serve our special Valentine's Day surprise dinner on.

We also found our lost, red Elmo today that had been missing for the past few days. I was starting to think he must have fallen out of the car, but he was just hiding in the storage area.

The boys in the house are dressed in red today and the girls are dressed in pink (oh yeah, I guess that's just me).


Katie said...

So much fun!!!! What a great day with your boys! Have fun at the Twolves game!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I wish I was that creative. :) So happy that Elmo is found again!