Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Life has been busy and fun lately. Some days I feel like I will never catch up on all of my to-dos. I guess that's just what life is like with a family of 5.
Here is a little peek at some of what we've been busy doing lately.

Brady and Logan's first Timberwolves game. They had a blast (at the game and on the light rail).

MN zoo

Best friends holding hands at the zoo.

First sled ride. Marshall quickly learned that the bigger sled was much more fun.

Brady and Logan flying down the awesome hill on the side of our house. Logan literally was able to make it from the front of the side yard clear to the back of the back yard. He must have went down the hill 30 times!

While Logan was sledding, Brady was fort-building. As of right now, the fort is 3 bricks high most of the way around.

Goofy, Cheerios boy, with a fresh, big boy haircut.

What is keeping you busy this time of year?


Katie said...

LOVE all of these pictures! Was so much fun at the zoo Monday! So glad our kiddos can grow up together! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love Marshall's haircut - he looks so much older! :) All of your boys are growing up so fast. :(

Hopefully you have time to take a breather soon - life has to slow down sometime, right?! :):)

Can't wait to hang out soon!