Thursday, February 23, 2012


We had a wonderful visit today from Peter's parents. They came all the way down from Wisconsin and spent the entire day with us. Our day was blessed with good food, funny children, and great conversation. Being a stay-at-home mom often means a lack of adult conversation for me, so this was very refreshing and much needed!

After dinner tonight, while us adults were still sitting at the table, the 3 little guys decided to go play in the they often do.
Tonight was different however.
After about an hour of nice, quiet playing, Brady and Logan came bouncing up the stairs to show us all their new "mustachios" (this is what they call mustaches).

Apparently the boys came up with a great idea of using the markers (which are strictly off limits without permission) to draw on their faces. And, since neither of them seemed phased by what they had done, both apologized for using the markers without asking, the marker was confined to their innocent faces, and it easily washed off....
We decided to laugh about it, photograph it, and make them promise not to do it again :)
Boy did Nana and Papa have a laugh about this though!


Katie said...

That is so AWESOME!! And creative!! Glad it was a laugh for all!

Radcliffe said...

Can you blame them for trying to be cool like their Uncle??? Nice Goatees boys!!

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical!!!!!! And such a little boy thing to do. :)