Friday, February 24, 2012

My 3 Little Boys

Since the house is full of napping boys, I am going to take a quick second to share some sweet moments with you.

After having a rough drive to school this morning, due to some unkind words spoken between brothers, Brady went into school in a foul mood. I hate when this happens and I end up feeling bad about it all day. So, today I decided that we would surprise Brady for lunch. Logan, Marshall, and I met up with Brady in the school cafeteria today and enjoyed our lunches together. I love seeing him at school, with his friends, having a great time. Then, on our way out, we stopped and watched him play outside at recess for a bit with his friends again. What a sweet and special little boy!!

Yesterday, while Nana and Papa were over, Papa was talking about Jesus. He said "Jesus died on the cross." Logan quickly interrupted to say "But Papa, He came back." I love hearing my children speak of Jesus, every single time.
Logan had a beach party at school today and he was absolutely thrilled to wear sandals and shorts in February!

Last night, after a busy day of company, I asked Peter if he would put Marshall to bed for me. About 2 minutes later, Peter and Marshall returned together. Peter said, that while trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Marshall's favorite bedtime song), Marshall stopped him to say "No, No, I want Mama." It is priceless to be wanted to much by such a sweet face.

These are some of the moments I love and the moments I truly cherish.
Just thought I'd share.


Katie said...

Ahhh...truly special!

Anonymous said...

So great! You have three very special little boys. I especially love that they are learning about Jesus. Reading that Logan said "he came back" literally brought me to tears. Love those boys!!!!! :)