Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was Brady's first day of kindergarten!

At 12:39pm the school bus came to take him to school (actually it was more like 12:50).
Daddy came home at lunch time so he could be there too!
For 3 hours I missed my eldest son like crazy and prayed that he was having a great day.
Then, at 3:48pm (or rather 4:20pm--the bus was quite late on the first day), the school bus came back and a very smiley Brady came bouncing off.

Brady loves school and can't wait to go back tomorrow!!

All ready to go to school.

Getting on the bus for the very first time. He was so brave (and actually, I was pretty brave too. I didn't even cry).

Home from school, sporting his "first day of school" gift from Mommy and Daddy.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I cannot believe how grown up her is! And that Vikes shirt fits him pefect!
So happy he had a great first day.
So proud of you Beederman!

Katie said...

Congrats mommy, daddy and Brady for making it through the first day! So glad he loved it!