Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer

Summer is ending, school is starting.

Last week, I had the opportunity to bring all 3 boys over to Brady's new school for his open house. I got to meet his wonderful teacher, and he got to find his locker and desk. He is so excited to start school this week and he's also thrilled that he already knows 2 of the kids in his class from preschool last year.

I know that watching Brady step onto the school bus for the first time on Tuesday is going to be hard for me, but I also have confidence that he is ready to go and will have a great time learning.

Preschool was one of the best things that Brady has experienced! He came along way in developing his social skills, respecting authority (other than Mom and Dad), and working well with other children his own age--things that he can't learn at home.

Academically, I believe that Brady is well ahead of the game! He's great at math, great at writing, beginning to read, and he's even become quite the little colorer--staying inside the lines all the time now. This summer, Brady also learned his phone number and address and how to spell his last name. Two things we are still working on are tying shoes and pumping on the swings at the park.

Here are some pictures from the end of our summer at home.


Jason said...

how long does that train stay set up? I can't imagine Logan not moving stuff around:-)

Molly said...

He's actually pretty good with it. The problem is that they fight over who is sitting where and who is controlling the actual train :).

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! I especially love the little blue owl man. :)