Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picnics 41-45

As summer begins to wrap up for the year, so will our picnics also. So far we have made it to #46 and we're determined to hit our big mark at 50 before picnicking season ends.

Here's where we've been picnicking lately.

Picnic #41

August 18. At the Como relays, near Como Zoo. Eating Jimmy John's before the big race. It was Logan's first race.

Picnic #42

August 19. Claret Park in Rosemount. The bees were a little annoying, but the ants were the big thing!

Picnic #43

August 25. At Town Hall Park in Empire Township. We have already had a picnic at this park this year, but it is Logan's favorite park, because of the springy turtle. We forgot spoons for our yogurt this day, so we had to use our string cheese instead :).

Picnic #44
No Picture Taken. Sorry.
August 26. In Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. Brady and Logan ate PB & J sandwiches and fresh baked brownies. The mosquitoes were bad and they got eaten alive!

Picnic #45

August 30. At Farmington Elementary School--where Brady will start Kindergarten in just one short week! Using their new lunch bags from Grandma.

Brady will be attending afternoon kindergarten this fall, which will make picnicking much more difficult. We usually eat our lunch around 12:30-1pm, and now his bus will be picking him up at 12:39pm. However, both Brady and Logan would like for us to reach our 50th picnic, so I guess we'll just have to start eating lunch a little earlier.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you will hit 50 this year!