Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picnics 46-50

We did it! We made it to 50 picnics!!
We started in April and finished in September, but we did it and now we're done.

Brady and Logan had a great time picnicking this summer, but as the bees have gotten worse and our time has gotten short, we will officially wrap up our picnics for this year.
We had a blast and the boys are already talking about where we can picnic next summer.

Enjoy the last 5 picnic pictures.
Picnic #46

September 1. In our front yard eating McDonalds. Does Logan look happy or what?

Picnic #47

September 5. A sunny front yard picnic after church.

Picnic #48

September 8. Farmington Preserve Park. Our picnic this day was finished in our van, due to 6 bees that decided to join us. Since Daddy is allergic to bees, we thought we better take shelter :).

Picnic #49

September 11. I believe this was the first picnic with just Daddy and his boys (I may be wrong, though).

Picnic #50

September 13. An absolutely gorgeous fall day!! What a great day to celebrate our 50th picnic!

By the way, the reason that so many of our final picnics were at home is because the bees were just getting too bad near the parks. Also, because Brady gets on the bus for school at the time that we used to be at the parks.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I knew you guys would make it to 50 this year! :)