Monday, August 9, 2010

Picnics 31-35

The picnic journey continues.
Here is where we've been picnicking lately.

Picnic #31

July 21. Town Hall park in Empire Township (just north of Farmington).This park has been talked about since we were there due to the turtle springy toy (it was a favorite of Logan's).

Picnic #32

July 26. Silver Springs Park in Farmington. This was a tiny, little park in the middle of a neighborhood. It was a hot day!

Picnic #33

July 28. In our front yard. We had intended on getting to a park this day, but our errands ran extra long and we ran out of time (the power went out at Cub, causing there to be no frozen or refrigerated foods and no produce).

Picnic #34

July 31. At a park in Rosemount (I can't remember the name for some reason). A rare picnic with Daddy, after bowling.

Picnic #35

August 5. Cobblestone Lake Park in Apple Valley. There was a checkerboard on our picnic table! There is also a lake at this park with an awesome dock that we took a walk out on after this picnic.

We have had one picnic since these 5, so we are now sitting at picnic #36. Hopefully we'll get in another this week, and then, this weekend we'll be camping, so I'm sure we'll add to the list at that point.

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Anonymous said...

Going to hit 40 before you know it!