Monday, August 9, 2010


It's late.
I'm watching Deal or No Deal.
I had a couple of good ideas for blog topics, but I have no ambition to actually write them out.
Maybe another day.

Today has been a busy day for me as a mommy.
We found out that Brady will be going to kindergarten in the afternoon. I was kind of hoping for morning kindergarten, but afternoon should work out just fine. After all, Logan and Marshall still nap in the afternoon, so maybe I can get in some "me" time.
Logan has made significant progress with potty training in the past month or so, but today we stepped it up a bit. Since he is more likely to have accidents while wearing a diaper, I had him spend the day with no pants on at all. That is actually working really well for him. We did put on some shorts to play outside, however :).
And my little Marshall rolled over for the first time today! I put him on his tummy while cleaning up some of his spit up, and before I knew it, he was rolling to his back again. Luckily Daddy was home to see it too!

Here are some of our recent pictures.

Brady and the new sprinkler (a late b-day gift).

Mommy and Marshall at home.

Logan and his coupe.

Happy Marshall with his rattle.

Brady and Logan helping Mommy bake cookies.


Katie said...

Way to roll over Marshall!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some adorable boys!