Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Months Old

This past Saturday Marshall celebrated his 2 month birthday! I can't believe how fast those 2 months went by, and I'm scared to think that the next 2 months might go by just as quickly.
Our babies are only babies for a short time and I want to treasure every second of it!

Marshall went into the doctor this morning for his 2 month appointment, and here are his stats compared to his brothers at the same age.

Weight, Length

Brady 15 lbs., 25 in.

Logan 16 lbs. (97%), 24.5 in. (95%)

Marshall 10 lbs. 14 oz. (25%), 23.25 in. (50%)

Unfortunately, Brady's clinic at the time did not give percentiles, but you can kind of guess where he would have been.
Marshall's head was also measured at 15.5 in., which was in the 25th percentile as well.

Marshall is definitely smaller than his brothers were at the same age, and I could have told you that before we went in today. He's such a little peanut. Neither of the other two were still wearing size 0-3 mths. clothes at this age.
Maybe it's the breast milk, maybe it's the early birth (which was the same for Logan), or maybe this is just how God made little Marshall :).

Have I mentioned lately how smart Brady and Logan have gotten? They truly have become geniuses :) (at least in my humble opinion).

Brady is preparing to start kindergarten in the fall. Him and I have been attending a community education class on Monday nights call "Getting Ready for Kindergarten." After 3 weeks in the class, I am feeling confident that he is more than ready to go! I'm just not sure that I am completely ready to send him.
Brady can now count up past 200, count by two, fives, and tens, add and subtract all numbers 1-10 and more, he knows all 26 letter sounds, and he's quickly learning to read! Apparently he will learn to read completely in kindergarten as well!. How exciting. He is also quickly learning how to tie his shoes.

Logan is a genius too! :).
Logan is a pro at sleeping in and staying in his new big boy bed; he even naps there without a fuss. Logan is also making huge strides toward being completely potty trained! Today is the second day in a row that he has managed to stay completely dry all day long (even during naps). He loves wearing his underwear and getting m&m's for putting potty in his potty chair.
Logan is also working hard on learning to ride his tricycle and he's anxious to be able to ride all the way to the park soon.
This summer Logan and I will begin working on the Hooked on Phonics program. Brady and I began this program the summer that he turned 3 and it was a huge success! I am so anxious to have this special "school" time with Logan and watch him learn.

Upcoming Events for our family include:

A trip to Como Zoo with Cousin Katie, baby Addison, and Auntie Laura (Fri., May 21)
A trip to the cemetaries and a picnic at the park (Sat., May 22)
A small group picnic at church (Sun., May 23)
Peter's 28th birthday (Tues., May 25)
Brady's last day of school (Fri., June 4)

Busy, busy, busy.
Word has it that there are 2 little boys in this house celebrating birthdays next month too!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew they were chunky, but those older boys sure did have Marshy beat. :)

RadleyAlexander said...

Marshall must take after his Aunt and Uncle , those skinny people!!!
Not like his chubby parents:-)