Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First 5 Picnics

Does anyone remember last year when we tried to reach Brady's goal of 20 picnics for the summer?

Well, we succeeded last year, and actually passed our goal, reaching 25, if I remember correctly.

We're off to a great start already. We are actually preparing for our 10th picnic today!!
Here is a brief overview of our first 5 picnics.

Picnic #1

April 10. In Grandma and Grandpa's backyard, after kite flying.

Picnic #2
April 21.
No Picture--sorry.
This picnic was with Auntie Laura, Cousin Katie and baby Addison. We walked to the park by Katie's house, ate lunchables, and played on the playground. This was Marshall's first picnic.

Picnic #3

May 16. Lunchables again, in our front yard.

Picnic #4

May 17. No Picture again. In our front yard. PB &J sandwiches and pretzels

Picnic #5 May 18. At Daisy Knoll park in Farmington. The park was up on a huge hill!

Picnics #6-#10.....coming soon.

I love picnics and being outside with my kiddos in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! I love picnics too! At least it's finally getting to be good weather...not too cold, and not too hot. 80s the rest of the week...should be great! :)

Katie said...

Looking forward to more picnics with you!

Molly said...

Me too! I love being outside and letting the boys run wild. I'm sure there are some great parks around the metro.