Friday, January 29, 2010

At This Moment

Too often I find myself unhappy with the things in my life. I often feel like I need more. More friends, more money, more possessions, more ideas, more attention, more children, more time, etc.
And then I go through a week like this past one. Although I am not willing to share the details of the last week here on my blog, I can say that it was a week filled with emotions, sadness, and overwhelming fear. I can't say that the struggles I faced earlier this week are gone, but I can say that I have found peace through the storm. I am also hopeful that the worst is behind me, and I am ready to move forward in faith.

This past week I have felt the power of God at work in my life like never before! His hand was definitely working in my life. There was no bible study this week, yet I could not stop myself from completing the lesson anyways (it was speaking so clearly to my hurting heart). I was also being lifted up in prayer several times a day by my family....and wow! That's about all I can say. It was truly amazing!! Well I have never doubted that God is good and that God hears our prayers, it was such an awesome experience this week to see Him working in my life and also in the lives of those who were on their knees for me.

So, today I will sit back and just soak up the things God has given to me, to us--all 5 of us.

At this moment....

* I am calm
* I have not had more than 1-2 contractions a day since Tuesday!
* I am in love; with my husband, with my children, with my sister, with my parents.
* I have peace and hope like never before
* There's nothing I'd rather being doing than being here--at home, with my kids, with my husband (who is actually at work).
* I am tickled about becoming a mommy once again in just 2 short months.
* I am praying for those who are hurting, just as I have been lifted up in prayer so many times.
* I am looking forward to a trip to Duluth next weekend and a camping trip this summer.
* I am thinking about the One I love the most!

Thanks so much to all of you who have been on your knees for our family this week. I don't know what we would have done without you!


Dad said...

This has been a great week after all:)

Molly said...

Yeah, who would have ever imagined that?
Thank you so much, Dad!

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears at my desk now...thanks a lot. ;)
Great post and a great reminder for all of us about what can be accomplished on our knees. :D

Katie said...

Glad to hear things are well!!!