Monday, February 1, 2010

A Nice Weekend

I am getting ready to face another week today after a great weekend! I'm also getting ready to face another month. Goodbye already January--you will not be missed :).

This weekend was a rare weekend with no plans (for me anyways).
On Saturday, Peter had his annual alumni basketball tournament up in St. Francis. His team played 5 games in a row and he was completely exhausted by the end (especially adding in the 1.5 hr trip each way). They ended up losing the championship game by a mere 5 points. Bummer.

As for me and the boys....
We stayed at home on Saturday.
We sorted through baby clothes, made Valentine-frosted sugar cookies, worked on a project for Brady's preschool class, wore sweatpants, and ate McDonalds. It was a great day--except we all missed having Daddy around.

Sunday was relaxing too.
After a great message at church, we dropped off a huge bag of baby clothes at Goodwill and grabbed some Culver's for lunch (I know, I know, our eating this weekend was not healthy).
Then, while Logan and Daddy napped, Brady and I went out shopping. I succeeded in using my Christmas gift card and managed to find some wall hangings for the freshly painted living room walls. I can't wait to hang them up today!!

Brady and I were also stopped by 3 separate women at the store, just so they could each tell Brady how well he was behaving and what a big boy he was. Brady was so proud of himself, and I felt the same. Him and I later shared a smoothie at the mall, where we also found a few items on clearance for Peter.

What a nice, relaxing weekend. It went by way too fast, as they always do, but I am thankful for this one indeed.

As for the little guy inside of me?
He's doing well, as far as I know :).
I have continued having contractions this weekend, but they seem to be somewhat under control (not more than 6 an hour, which the doctor said would be cause for concern).
I have also started to feel this little guy's heels poking out my right side. I remember this feeling oh-so-well from when I was pregnant with Brady.

I am hoping to work one more weekend this month, and then take a break for a couple months. Hopefully I'll be able to make it through without any problems.
Tomorrow marks week 32--only 8 weeks left to go (hopefully we can actually make it to 40 weeks this time too) !

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Anonymous said...

Oh Beederman! Such a well-behaved little man at the store. Auntie Laura is proud of you too! :)