Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What to do?

What is there to do when all the toys have been put away for painting?

This was Logan on Friday morning, just before the painting got underway.

I've never seen our loft look so huge before!

I'm happy to say that the paint is on the walls now (there are a few minor spots that need touch-ups, and maybe an extra coat will be needed later, but we are so pleased with the results).
The plan for this week is to get some of our pictures back up on the walls and put the house back together 100%.

I'm hoping to have a little more time to devote to the blog this week, so stay tuned for a more interesting post later on.

Today also marks week 30 of my pregnancy. Only 70 more days to go!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the new paint!