Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picnic on a Warm Fall Day

We ventured out today to a new park nearby our house. This marked our 24th picnic of the year.

This park is unique, because it features a real air force plane used during the Korean War. The boys loved to see the airplane and play at the playground as well.

Since this picnic was a very last-minute idea, our lunch was thrown together quickly and was not too exciting. We shared some string cheese, meat sticks, jell-o, and cheez-its. The boys also enjoyed some left over fruit by the foot (from Logan's speech therapy).

It was a nice, warm gorgeous day to be outside. There was even one lone tree at the park whose leaves had already changed color and began to fall to the ground.

This afternoon Brady spent some time outside giving his "car" another washing for the fall. Hopefully we'll also have some time for a walk before dinner.

Happy Fall!! (almost, anyways).

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