Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game Night

We started a new family tradition on Friday night. This weekend we kicked off our "family game night Fridays." Our original thought was to do a movie night, but we decided that game nights involve a lot more conversation and interaction with each other. Plus, games provide an extra learning opportunity for Brady as well.

So, from now on, our Friday nights will be spent playing games (or possibly watching movies from time to time). This event will unfortunately not include Logan. He is too young to participate in playing games, and he has very little interest in television as well (although this has improved some).

This week we played 2 games--first we played The Allowance Game (one of my favorite childhood games), and then we played Life. Although both were a bit advanced for a 4 year old, Brady did very well and even began to grasp the concept of money and making change.

We ate homemade chocolate chip cookies and drank cold water while we played. Daddy won both games tonight (with a lot of luck!), and Brady wasn't in bed until after 9 pm!!

What a success for our first game night!

Setting up the game.

So excited to start!

Daddy is losing and he's bummed

Look at all that money!

Daddy being silly.
Worn out after a long night!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun! Brady's at such a great age for a game night.