Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brady's First Day of Preschool

Today was the big day!

The time came this morning for Brady to start preschool and enter the world of education. As much as I wanted to keep him at home, and as often as the idea of homeschooling sounded appealing, I knew this was the best choice to make. I do not believe that preschool can be accomplished through home school, since the major purpose of preschool is to work on socialization skills. I also believe that home-schooled children miss out on too many important learning experiences. Anyways, public schools will be the option for us and we are excited to say so! Let me also say that I think a lot of great things come out of private, Christian schools, but not everything about them is great either--namely including the great cost.

This morning started out in Ginn family tradition. Growing up, we always had warm cinnamon rolls with our entire family on the first day of school. We also had our "first day of school" pictures taken in the driveway (unless it was raining, or we got too old to allow this).

Here's Brady enjoying his warm cinnamon roll (cut up to decrease stickiness, of course).

After breakfast, we headed out to the driveway to continue in the Ginn family tradition of driveway photos.

All 4 of us then headed over to the Instructional Services Center, which is one of 4 locations where the Wee Tigers Preschool program is held. This location is luckily only about a mile from our house. Brady is in the 4 year old class that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9-11:30 AM.

Walking in the door with Daddy

Standing by the front door.

Standing by his locker. Can you see his name?

Saying goodbye to Mommy.

Brady walked into the class like a champion (no tears at all--and none for us either, surprisingly enough).

At 11:30, Logan and I returned to find a very happy and proud little 4 year old Brady. He had lots of stories to tell about his first day. Some of the highlights included: a story about a frog going to school, painting with flowers, eating Nilla wafers, playing outside on the playground, a funny song about peanut butter with a dance, and writing his name on his self-portrait.

Needless to say, Brady is very excited to go back to school on Friday!

The final Ginn family tradition carried out today included a small, first day of school gift. Brady's first, first-day-of-school gift was his very first umbrella. Now if we could just get some rain, so he could try it out!

And to round out the perfect first day of school, Brady will be eating some yummy pizza for dinner tonight!

I am also trying to remind myself that next year will be so much harder--when he actually steps onto the bus!

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Anonymous said...

It feels like just yesterday I was staring at the little guy wrapped up in a blanket with his squished up little nose right after he was born. :) Man they grow up fast.

Good job on your first day Beederman!