Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Day Break

I am working hard today to get ready for my relaxing 4 day break from everything! I can't wait!

Peter and Brady just left about a half hour ago for his first field trip. Brady is very excited about riding on a school bus for the first time, and he is especially happy that Daddy gets to go with him. Brady has also learned how to pick the apples..."just twist and pull" what he's been saying at home. Peter's got the camera in his pocket, but we'll see if he remembers to take some pictures, or if he even gets a good chance. I'm sure it will be a busy morning.

Logan and I are home alone this morning. We have lots to do too. First up, I need to take a shower and get dressed for the day. Then, I need to start packing up some of my clothes and gear for our trip. Fun stuff!

Yesterday I published a book...well, sort of. I wrote down only the things that Jason would find extremely important to know while watching the children completely alone for the next 2 days, and with Laura's help for the following 2 days. The "book" ended up being a full 9 pages of notebook paper! What can I say, I really want things to go smoothly and for Laura and Jason to feel confident in the plans.
It's kind of funny actually, because I am totally a "go with the flow" kind of person when it comes to Laura and Jason watching Brady and Logan. They have been our primary babysitters and they've always handled the boys great! This time is different, though. This time I wanted to get meals figured out ahead of time, and give Laura and Jason confidence in feeding Logan, without him choking on his food (he is so much better and done with therapy now, but some things are still a little difficult). Also, with Brady having school on Friday, a lot of details had to be worked out for that.

Anyways, the house is clean, the directions for the boys are complete, and now we can focus on Florida!

After lunch today, Peter and I are going to get the suitcases opened up and start to put our summer clothes, beach towels, and swimsuits inside. It is currently in the mid to upper 80's where we will be staying, and that is just perfect, if you ask me :). It looks like it will be a struggle to get into the 60's here in the Twin Cities while we are away, and it also looks like a lot of rain is on the way the next 2 days. Good thing Laura and Jason love the cooler temps and the rain--they won't be jealous at all.

I am planning to head to bed at 9 pm tonight (while is 3 hours earlier than I was in bed last night), because I know that 4:30 am will roll around all too soon! We leave for the airport at 5:30 and our plane takes off at 7 am. It's early I know, but we wanted to make the most of our first day down in the warm, tropical air. It's been years since I've been to Florida or even on an airplane...I can't wait!

While we are away, we will not have any access to the internet, so no new blogs or twitter while we are away. We have chosen not to bring along Peter's laptop for this reason (among others).

While away, we'll be praying for Laura and Jason's survival with the boys and calling them on occasion to check in :). Wish them the best of luck!

Be back in 5 days or so.

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