Wednesday, September 2, 2009

20 Fun Facts About Me

I am completely stealing this idea from my sister's blog (hope she doesn't mind).
I have modified it just a bit, though. She did 50 fun facts and I honestly don't think that I can come up with that many things--so 20 it is!
Here is her list, in case you were curious.

Here goes my completely random list of fun facts about myself.

1. I love the summer and can't stand cold weather.
2. I dislike wearing long sleeves or coats.
3. I love going for a drive in the car.
4. I love going for long walks with my family.
5. Being a "stay-at-home" mom is the best job I've ever had--not the hardest. Being a parent is a huge responsibility, no doubt, but my job at home is very relaxing and fun.
6. I love to eat fruits and vegetables more than candy.
7. I stay up late most nights and then sleep late in the morning (and that's with 2 kids--who says that's so hard?).
8. I love to try out new recipes with my favorite helper, Brady.
9. I dislike politics, but I don't think that we need to avoid talking about how we feel about politically related topics.
10. As a Christian, I think it is very important for me to vote in a way that is pleasing to Jesus.
11. I have no time for being "politically correct"--like I said, I dislike politics.
12. I love the elderly and I have great respect for them--that is why I work with them in physical therapy.
13. I love Jesus and I think everyone deserves a chance to know Him.
14. I do not like to read at all. I have been reading the same book for over 2 years now.
15. I watch very little television, but I love The Office--what a great comedy!
16. I love my parents more than anything, and I can only hope to be half the parent to my children that they were to me. I call them almost everyday and appreciate all of the parenting advice I've received from them.
17. I have the greatest husband ever and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with him.
18. I have 3 best friends. My sister, Laura, my brother-in-law, Jason, and my cousin, Katie.
19. I love animals, but I will never own another pet.
20. I love my life and all that God has blessed me with. Everyday I receive new blessings and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next!

I hope you enjoyed my random list. I probably could have pushed past 20 fun facts, but it might have gotten a little scary as I searched for things to add :).

Have a great Wednesday--I can't believe it is Sept. already!


Katie said...

I loved reading your lists!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Although I may have to rebuff the "fruits and veggies over candy" comment after you come to my house on Tuesdays. HeeHee!

Molly said...

Maybe it's just that the temptation doesn't overcome me as bad at my house :).

Plus, when have you ever offered me fruits or veggies at your house :).