Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Picnic and a Day at the Beach

We hit the big mark today for picnics---number 20!
Brady told me at our first picnic of the year, back in May, that he wanted to have 20 picnics this summer. Today we did it!
In celebration of the 20th picnic, and as a reward for Brady's first race last night (more on that later), we got McDonalds for lunch today. We have only had McDonalds on 2 of our other picnics, as most of our picnics have been homemade, so this was a huge deal!

We also decided to hit up the beach for our picnic. It was a tiny beach at a tiny park in Apple Valley, but it was the perfect size for 4 & 2 year old boys.
We had our picnic, played at the playground, made sandcastles, dug a river for our boats, splashed in the water, and then played at the playground some more.
When we got home we took baths (and showers) and the littlest of us took a nap.

We were planning on hitting up the Farmer's Market this afternoon and then waiting for the ice cream truck tonight, but with our rain and thunder this afternoon, I don't think we'll be doing either of those things.
I guess our tomatoes and lettuce for BLT's tomorrow night will have to come from Econo Foods instead. And, I guess ice cream sandwiches from home will have to do instead of the ice cream truck.
Oh well, it's summer and I love it anyways! Plus, we really do need the rain.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 20th picnic!
Love those baby bellies. :)