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Alright, I said that I would write the post about myself next, so here it is.

Since this is my blog, I feel like I should be very humble in speaking/writing about myself, so I will keep this brief. I love to brag about my husband and children, but not so much about myself. That just isn't right.

Growing up:
I grew up in Coon Rapids with my mom and dad, my sister, Laura, and my dog, Kirby. If I had the scanner up and working, I'd love to share a picture. Maybe sometime in the future.
I shared a room with my sister for the first 16 years of my life. Perhaps this is why I just love that my boys share a room now.

I went to school at Morris Bye Elementary, Northdale Middle School, and Coon Rapids High School. I was always interested in learning and in getting good grades (but I'll stop there, since I really don't intend on bragging about my wonderful self :).

My first job was working with my dad. When I was 16, I started to clean the office where my dad worked. I cleaned on Saturday mornings for $5/hr, and my favorite part was when my dad
would run out and get us a treat to eat while I was cleaning.

The next job I had was working at K-mart. I got paid a little better there, I made a few friends, and I had a lot of fun (sometimes a little too much). K-mart is also where I met Peter when I was only 18 years old. We began dating about 6 months after we met and it's been 10 years now!

From K-mart, I moved on to Payless shoes. Nothing could ever beat that job...seriously! I loved working at Payless! I had great hours and flexibility, and it was such a easy job to do. I even continued to work there while working my first full time job for awhile.

My first "real" job came in 2001, shortly after I graduated from college. I worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant at a small nursing home in St. Paul. I had some awesome co-workers that I have still managed to keep somewhat in touch with over the years. I worked at this job until June of 2005, when I decided to stay at home with my new baby.

I am currently working at Presbyterian Homes -- a job that I also adore. I work one weekend a month (roughly), in order to help ease our finances and also to keep up my license. I love what I do as a therapist, and I wouldn't want any other job.

I lived at home with my parents until the day that I got married. I absolutely love my parents, so I was so grateful for the special time that I had with them before getting married.

Peter and I got married on June 7, 2003. Peter graduated from college in May of 2004, and then got his first job in August of 2004. We lived in an apartment in Eagan at the time--I loved that apartment so much--sometimes I still miss it.

Brady was born on June 13, 2005 and Logan was born on June 18, 2007. We are expecting our third child in late March 2010.

We bought our townhome in May of 2006 in Farmington. I love living in Farmington and here's why.
The ups:
We have a cute, little downtown area with an old fashion ice cream shoppe.
We live nowhere near a freeway, so there's very little "road noise"
We live near to both of our jobs.
We have a very quiet neighborhood, a huge yard, and a park that's less than a block away.
We get to live in the country and the city at the same time, since we are only a short distance from the cities.
We have an easy (2 mile) walk to the library, Farmer's Market, grocery store, and several food places.
Dairy Queen is just across the street! (Although we've been there surprisingly very few times).
The downs:
We don't live near to our family (the closest is 12 miles away, and soon to be farther).
We don't live near a freeway.
We don't have sidewalks directly near our house (you have to walk a little to get to one).
I'm sure there are more, but I just like it here too much to think of anything.

I also love townhome living.
We are getting a new driveway as I type this! Two years ago we got new siding, a new roof, and new window screens. Our snow is shoveled promptly and our grass is kept short and green.
Have I mentioned how much I love it here?

Ok, enough about my house and neighborhood. I'd also love to ramble on more about my great kids, but I am saving those details for the posts about them.

I love being a mommy and a wife! I also love spending time with my best friends--Laura and Katie. I think sister and cousins make the greatest friends of all, and I can't wait to start back up with our Revelation bible study in the fall.

I'm hoping to get a post up about my faith and values soon as well. After all, this could not be a blog about me and my family if we didn't speak often about our love for and relationship with our awesome God.

July 2003

Brady--2 days old

Logan--1 day old (whole family)

Me and My best friend/sister

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