Friday, August 21, 2009

Peter's Great Adventure

As titled, this post is about Peter's great adventure. Unfortunately, the adventure is just beginning today, so I don't have any pictures or stories to share about it just yet.

Peter left home at 8:30 this morning, and then left from St. Paul shortly after. They arrived in LaCrosse, WI at about noon, and this is when it will all begin.

Peter is going to be running a relay race that goes from LaCrosse, WI to Minneapolis. It began today at noon and will not be finished until sometime tomorrow afternoon (depending, of course, on how fast they run).

Peter will be running 3 legs of the relay. His first race will start sometime around 2pm today, his second will be sometime in the middle of the night, and his third will be sometime tomorrow. I believe each of his runs will be somewhere between 6-8 miles.

Peter left home this morning with a pillow, some running clothes/shoes, his i-pod, his game boy (there will be some major down times for him), and some majorly healthy food. He will be basically living in a van with 5 other runners over the next day and a half.

If you are reading this and you feel led, I would urge you to be in prayer for Peter over this time. Running is indeed a passion of his, so this is a really neat opportunity for him, but it's also a really big commitment.
Please pray that Peter would have a great time, that he would stay healthy and not get injured, for his safety when running in the dark (he'll have a head lamp and a reflective vest on), that he would be able to get enough sleep, and for safety for all of the other runners as well.

I'd love to see a comment from anyone who reads this and is willing to say a prayer for Peter. I know he'd really appreciate it!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.
Unfortunately for Peter, he won tickets to the Vikings game tonight and he's out of town. Lucky for my Dad, he was my top pick as to who I wanted to go with in Peter's absence. Tonight's game should be interesting!! It may only be preseason, but I think this will still be a game to remember.
Go Vikings!


Anonymous said...

We'll be watching your muchkins while you enjoy the purple fellas!

And we are definitely praying for Peter.

Katie said...

Go vikes!!!! We will be praying for Peter!

Molly said...

Peter just walked in the door. Prayers were answered.

Thanks you two for your prayers.