Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Feline Sons

My first 2 children were cats.

First came Charlie. We adopted him from the Last Hope organization at Petsmart in April of 2004--he was 8 months old at the time.

Then came Simon. We adopted him from an organization who's name I can't remember at Petco in Sept. of 2004--he was 6 weeks old at the time.

Both Charlie and Simon are orange tabby cats. Charlie became the king of our house at first, since we had no children and no other pets. We did get an aquarium the same day as Charlie, but that didn't pose much of a threat to him, and he loved to watch the fish swim around.

When Simon entered the house for the first time, things went south quickly. Charlie did not like Simon (to say the least)! They soon adjusted to each other, though, and now they are the best of friends.

Both cats also adjusted really well when the boys were born, and they tolerate rough behavior from the boys from time to time now as well.
Here's some proof of what good friends Charlie and Simon have become over the past 5 years now.

For as much as I love dogs and thought that I'd have a dog in my house by now, I have to say that I love how easy the cats are to care for. All I have to do for them is feed them twice a day, fill the water bowl from time to time, and clean the litter boxes out 2 times a week or so (which I currently can't do, being pregnant). They are also cheap to own (except when having health issues).

And, for as much as I love both dogs and cats, I have to say that when my cats are gone someday I will most likely not be owning another pet. There are lots of reasons for this decision, but primarily I don't want to deal with health issues again and I'd like to give my carpet a break too!


Jason said...

Look at those furry guys! :)

Katie said...

Those cats look so cute!

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