Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Quiet and Rainy Day

I am so glad that I cancelled Logan's speech therapy appointment for today. I am looking forward to a day at home with absolutely no major plans. This does not happen often at our house.

Today we will:
  • Get dressed in some comfortable clothes
  • Do some light house cleaning
  • Finish going through the boys clothes for fall
  • Watch some TV.
  • Finish up Brady's cut and paste book
  • Do some laundry
  • Play with our adored toys
  • Watch the rain fall outside and be thankful for our home

I love relaxing at home with my boys (all 3 of them really, but I'll settle for 2 today, since Peter has to be at work).

It seems like I spend all winter anxiously awaiting the warm weather so we can get out of the house. We look high and low for new and different ways to have fun inside and new, exciting places to visit indoors. Then, when summer comes, we spend as much time as possible outside and it almost feels like a treat to get a rainy day to make us settle down and relax for a day.

Thank you God for the rain today and for the great little boys that I get to spend time with today.

Unfortunately, today is also Peter's team picnic at work. What a bummer day for that!


Anonymous said...

Oh...I'm getting teary-eyed seeing you thankful for the rain. :) I feel like a kindred spirit. HeeHee.

Actually, I thought about Peter today and I'm praying tht the rain stops long enough for him to enjoy his picnic.

Have fun with those cuddly boys today.

Molly said...

Actually it hasn't even rained at all here today yet.