Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Update

I haven't been blogging much lately since we have been so wrapped up in summer fun.
Since we will be gone for the next 9 days, I wanted to leave a brief update before we leave.

- Tomorrow morning our family of 5 is loading up the our minivan (with topper) around 5am! Our goal is Denver by bedtime. From there we will head to Las Vegas, where we will spend the next 5 days. Then we'll make the long drive back home. This is a first for our family. We are excited and a little nervous, but bring on the family vacation!!

- Brady just completed a week of basketball camp. It was a great learning experience for him, with a small group of kids and a great coach! Hooray for local sports and great prices.

- Logan is still playing t-ball. Last night he made it to 1st base without being directed. Too bad he couldn't easily find 2nd ;). Regardless, he loves to play any and all sports. He'll be trying out basketball in the fall.

- Marshall is casually potty training. He does #1 in his potty about 3-4 times a day and did #2 for the first time today! He is nowhere near ready to ditch the diaper just yet, but we are very pleased with his great progress.
Marshall also recently regained his love for swinging at the park--I missed pushing him.

- Peter is working hard these days and possibly getting ready for a new, lead position. We are praying that God would place in the position that He wants for Peter. Having a week off of work will be a huge blessing!

- I worked this past weekend. I am always grateful for the opportunity to help those in need, while at work, and to help our family financially at the same time. I feel like summer is quickly slipping away, so I am already trying to wrap my mind around the fact that school will start up again soon.
It is for that reason that I can't stand the month of September (for other purposes, it is a great month, though).

I hope you all have a fabulous last week of July, and we'll be back in town on the 29th!
I'll be twitter-ing (tweeting, I suppose) while we are away, so feel free to follow me on there, if you're not already.

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Anonymous said...

I do remember hating September for school when I was a kid! :) Of course now it's my anniversary so I have to love it. ;)

Hope you guys have a GREAT vacation! Praying for safety, fun and time to unwind and destress for all of you!!!!