Monday, April 16, 2012

Picnics 1-5: Take 3

I am not yet sure if I'll be posting pictures of all of our picnics this year, like I have done in the past, but I thought I'll at least get started, while I'm deciding about it.
Picnic #1

March 9. At the Eagan Community Center. The boys were off school this day, so we came to play at The Blast indoor playground. Yes, my big boys were drinking pop, which is not something they often do--like never!
Picnic #2

March 14. At Rambling River park in Farmington. Brady stayed home from school sick this day, due to a sinus infection in his eye and an ear infection. After we picked up Logan from school, we stopped to picnic and play before heading to the doctor.
Picnic #3

March 15, Marshall's 2nd birthday. At East Community Park in Lakeville. The big boys drank the other 2 cans of pop from the 4 pack we bought :).
Picnic #4
March 17. At Farmington Preserve Park. The weather was not what we expected this day. The winds became so wild, that we ended up having our picnic in the van. It was still fun, though:).
Picnic #5
March 21. At the MN Zoo. It was spring break week for the big boys, so we took advantage of our zoo membership, packed our lunches and enjoyed the day.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! I love seeing the picnic pictures! :)