Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And the winner is....

On the Saturday before Easter, Peter and I took the boys to the annual Easter Carnival here in Farmington. While there, the boys got to play a bunch of games, win some candy, and see a big, freaky Easter bunny :).

Marshall was too scared of the giant bunny to join the picture. Do you blame him?
Anyways, while at the carnival, we also signed each boy up to win a bicycle that was part of a drawing.
Last Monday, I got the call that Brady was the winner! Talk about amazing luck (Peter just won us some Twins tickets at work last week too!).
Tuesday afternoon we headed over to Ace Hardware in town, so we could claim the bike and get pictures taken for the local newspaper.

Getting ready for his first ride.
The bike is big, but Brady is handling it quite well.

Congrats to my little sweetie for being the big winner!!
You deserve it, Brady.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! That is a great bike! :) And that was one FREAKY Easter bunny!