Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Life is good.
We have had a great November so far, even though I haven't blogged much this month

Swimming lessons are over until January and Brady's playing basketball on Saturday mornings. I wish I had some pictures of him to share, but it's hard to get a good one in the gym. They all turn out blurry or washed out.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Peter's sister and her family this year. It was a gorgeous day and we had some amazing new foods!! I love when our boys can spend time with their only cousins.

After putting up some of our Christmas decorations today, I am feeling really proud of myself for making a special "Goodwill" box full of the decorations we no longer use or need. I am slowly working on changing some of our family's bad habits, and keeping things we don't use or need is one of them :).

Helping Daddy work from home during the snow.

Helping Daddy work some more.

First day of school with boots on!

Getting ready to take the light rail downtown.

At the Christmas show at Macy's.

Playing outside yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures!!!! :)