Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picnics 66-70. The Finale

This will be my last of the picnic posts.
We successfully completed 70 picnics this summer and we've wrapped them up now.
Logan, Marshall, and I may still picnic, but without Brady, we will not count them toward our picnic goal for the blog.
Enjoy the last 5.

Picnic #66

August 25. At Jensen Lake Park in Eagan. We met up with the moms from church at this park, and then we stayed for lunch.

Picnic #67

August 26. At Crystal Lake Beach Park in Lakeville/Burnsville. There was a great beach here, but we came unprepared to swim, so we just ate lunch and played.

Picnic #68

August 29. At Bloomfield Park in Rosemount. We stopped at this park after driving by a model home that we are interested in seeing. It was a sunny day!

Picnic #69

September 1. It didn't feel like Sept this day. It was in the 90's, so we hit the water park one last time.

Picnic #70

September 5. Labor Day, at the only park in Coates (N of Farmington off Hwy 52). This park was a favorite for the big boys because of the old-fashioned merry-go-round.


Anonymous said...

Awesome that you guys got in 70 picnics this year!!! Next year you'll have to shoot for 90! ;)

Katie said...

Sad to see the picnics go but it sure was fun participating in some of them!!!