Thursday, September 8, 2011

Logan's First Day

Yesterday was Logan's first day of preschool.
Since it's only been a little over a year ago that Brady finished preschool, Logan remembered the school well.
For Logan's first day, we had our traditional cinnamon rolls breakfast, pictures in the driveway and at school, and then Mommy, Daddy, and Marshall brought Logan to school.
Logan quickly met up with his new friend Mason and had a great day!
When I picked him up after school, he ran out of the room and yelled "Here I am!".

Next year, he'll take the bus....

This isn't so bad, huh?


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!!!! I knew he'd love school since he's such a social bug! So happy he had a great first day!

Katie said...


Emily said...

Oh my gosh. "Here I am!!!" Hilarious. Fun pictures!