Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Picnics 61-65

Yes, I do believe we'll reach 70 picnics this summer! We've currently just completed #68, so it shouldn't be difficult. I am not planning to blog picnics next summer, since we won't be able to start until school is out and we'll have to stop once school starts up again. We'll still picnic, I just won't blog each one.

Enjoy the next group....

Picnic #61

August 17. At Sachs Park in Empire. Beautiful, but rushed picnic due to the fact that we had the AC repair man on his way and we had to get home at a certain time.

Picnic #62

August 18. At East Community Park in Lakeville. One of our favorite parks, on a great day! The boys had a fun time in the sandbox here.

Picnic #63

August 19. At Greenridge Park in Lakeville. We found this new park after shopping at Goodwill. The day was gloomy, but the park was a lot of fun!

Picnic #64

August 20. At Meadowview Development Park in Farmington. We came here on Saturday morning after a 4 mile walk to the grocery store and the library with Daddy.

Picnic #65

August 22. At the park behind Katie's house (I totally forgot to look at the name). We met up with Auntie Laura, Katie and Addy, and Emily for this one. Another great day!!

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Katie said...

So many picnics and so much fun!!!! What a blast of a summer!