Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picnics 56-60

We've had a rough week. If you've been following my Twitter sidebar, you probably already know that. In spite of the challenges of the week, we've still been busy picnicking though.

Picnic #56

August 10. At Como Zoo with Katie and Addy. The weather was perfect and Brady and Logan ate lunchables.
Picnic #57

August 11. At Cobblestone Lake Park in Apple Valley. Sunny and warm day. We saw some little boys fishing in the lake.
Picnic #58

August 15. In our front yard. We were supposed to go to Elm Creek Park this day, but since our air conditioning went out, we had to stay at home and wait for the repair man. Marshall was crabby and ended up finishing his picnic indoors.
Picnic #59

August 15. At Dairy Queen in Rosemount. After getting our AC fixed, we let Logan use his coupon for a free mini Blizzard. This was more of a dessert picnic, but I still decided to count it.
Picnic #60

August 16. At Prairie View Park in Farmington. Poor Marshall got his first fat lip after this picnic when he fell on the stairs at the playground.
We made it to 60, but we haven't stopped there. Just today we ate picnic #62. With our air conditioning not working again and most likely not be replaced this year, I imagine we'll be eating outside even MORE! We've got to try to stay cool somehow.

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