Thursday, July 14, 2011

Picnics 36-40

Picnic #36

July 4. Picnic with Daddy at Rambling River Park in Farmington. The boys wanted to play at the new castle playground here.

Picnic #37

July 6. At Meadowview Elementary School in Farmington. Now that school is out, we can picnic at the schools too! It was a hot day, so we ate in the shade of a tiny tree.

Picnic #38

July 7. Troy Hills Park in Farmington. Another hot day and another tiny shade tree. Brady met 2 other post-kindergartners at this park and played tag with them and Logan (Logan was "it" the entire time--poor thing).

Picnic #39

July 8. At Kelley Park in Apple Valley. It was another hot day and the boys requested to come to the splash pad here. We snuck into as much shade as we could, and eventually snagged the table behind us :). We snacked on Starburst here before lunch.

Picnic #40

July 11. Laura, Katie, and Addy met us in Stillwater this day at the Teddy Bear Park (which was really neat). From there, we walked down by the river, watched the boats come through the lift bridge, and ate in the shade. I felt like we were on vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe how fast you hit 40 this year. :)