Thursday, June 23, 2011

Picnics 21-25

We're still at it despite the rain this week. Yesterday was out 27th, I believe.

Picnic #21

June 8. At Aronson Park in Lakeville. The boys call this the "airplane park". There were no picnic tables available, so we had to eat on a rock.

Picnic #22

June 10. At the Children's Museum. We were technically indoors for this picnic, but it was raining outside and we ate on the floor, so I counted it.

Picnic #23

June 12. At our house, for Brady and Logan's birthday party. We ate pizza, fruit, coleslaw, and cake with our family.

Picnic #24

June 13 (Brady's birthday). At Como Zoo with Auntie Laura, Katie, and Addy.

Picnic #25

June 14. At Pine Knoll park in Farmington. It was a bright, warm, gorgeous morning. Who would have guessed that baseball would have been rained out this night?
Brady and Logan left some food on the ground here to share with the baby bunny that we saw when we first got here.

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Katie said...

We were actually on 2 of those picnics!!! SO FUN