Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Few Quick Words

Lots has been happening in the lives of the crazy Kuznias!!
Here are a few brief sentences about what we've been up to lately.

- Baseball. Brady's last season game was tonight. He will play in a jamboree on Saturday morning to end the season completely.

- T-ball. Logan started t-ball last week and he LOVES it!! It's finally his turn to play sports, instead of just watching Brady have all the fun.

-Headaches. Brady has been getting headaches daily (between 11:30-12 noon, like clockwork). It is not fun at all. Tylenol knocks them out quickly, but still... We have seen 2 doctors already and are trying to decide what to do next. Prayers are appreciated!!

- Walking. Marshall is finally getting more brave about taking steps! It's about time, little man. He's also become quite a pro at stair climbing (which is not fun while I'm trying to make lunch or dinner).

- Sleep. All 3 boys have been sleeping great. Summer must be wearing them out well! No one sleeps for less than 11 hrs. Ever.

- Moving? We might be. It's complicated, very complicated. Our house is for sale, as of yesterday, but that does not mean that we're moving for certain. A lot of pieces would need to fall into place first. Prayers are greatly appreciated in this area too.

- Work. Peter's job has been busy and stressful. I am not used to him being stressed from work, so I know he's really feeling it. He took a break from work today and slept until noon. He must have really been tired :).

- Summer. Where is it? I have been really down about the rainy and cool weather this week. When it is summer, I just want to be outside with my boys, soaking up every second of it. Since that has not been the case this week, we've played LOTS of games instead. We're hoping to hit up the free outdoor water area next week.

-Moving to Florida is sounding really good this week....
and we might be moving, so maybe?? Just kidding. Peter would go in a heartbeat, but it's much more complicated for me.

-Last but not least. This Sunday we are taking Brady and Logan to see Cars 2. It will be Logan's first movie in a theater and Brady's second. They both LOVED Cars, so I can't wait to see it with them!


Anonymous said...

Prayers are coming for Brady and for the sale of your house! :) And, of course praying for a perfect new house for you here in Minnesota. ;);)

I'll even throw in a prayer for warmer summer weather for you! :)

We had a blast with Marshall yesterday - he is such a precious little guy!!!!

Looking forward to hanging out soon.

Katie said...

Great to hear how the family is doing and your wonderful updates. Praying for Brady's headaches and hoping he gets well soon. Looking forward to Wedneday!