Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picnics 16-20

Yes, we made it to 20!! 20 picnics was our original goal for the summer of '09. Then, last year, we made it to 20 on June 30. It's looking like we're well ahead of schedule this year and I love that!!

I also LOVE the sun and the heat. All 103 degrees of it :).

Picnic #16

June 1. At Oak Shores Park in Lakeville. We drive past this park whenever we go to the mall, so we decided to stop last week, after picking up a new swimming pool at Toys R Us.

Picnic #17

June 4. I had to work on this beautiful weekend, but Daddy took over on the picnic. He found a new park in Farmington, back in a new neighborhood. It was called Meadow Creek Development Park.

Picnic #18

June 4. Since I was able to get home from work a little early on Saturday, we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather and did a second picnic of the day. We ate Subway at Hill Dee Park in Farmington (AKA the Lady Bug Park, per Brady and Logan).

Picnic #19

June 5. I had to work this day too, but again, I got off early. Since Uncle Mark had come over to our house, we invited him along for our picnic. This time we went to Evergreen Knoll Park in Farmington. This is the park where the public pool is located, but it doesn't open until June 15.

Picnic #20

June 6. I didn't realize until we got home, but this is the exact same park where we had our 20th picnic last year. It's a park in Farmington called Meadowview Park. It was a HOT day!! The boys had their shirts off quickly and demanded some lunch at about 10:30. I gave in, we ate quickly, and then got home to swim.

I LOVE summer and I cannot get enough of it!!!
Today we did #21, and I can't envision us stopping anytime soon.


Katie said...

LOVE the new main picture!!!! These picnics look so fun.. Looking forward to a ton of them this summer.

Anonymous said...

I like the new main pic too - cute! :) Hoping to be in on some picnics this summer too. But if it's 90 or hotter count me out. yucky!