Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today we celebrated Brady and Logan's upcoming birthdays with a party at our house.
We set up in the garage, ate pizza, and then played outside once it stopped raining. Then we ate birthday cake and opened gifts.
Brady and Logan were lucky enough to share this special day with a lot of their family
It is because of these special people that I hesitate when Peter asks me, in all sincerity, if I want to move to Florida. Yes, I do. Really badly! But, I think it would hurt too bad to be away from so many people that I love so much :). So for now, we stay in Farmington.

Every year when June rolls around, I wonder where the years have gone, and this year is no exception. My baby boys will soon be 6 and 4, and my babiest boy will soon be 15 months.

I'll soon be posting "birthday" pictures (the ones I take on the actual day), but for now, I'll share a little from the party.

Playing with the cars

Eating lunch


The cake

Best Friends

Opening gifts

Water squirters!!



Katie said...

It was a great time and you are always a great hostess!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun party! And my heart was able to go back into my chest after hearing that you are staying in MN for now. Pretty sure that would kill me. :(
Praying for nice, sunny weather right where you are! :):)