Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picnics 11-15

We're still going strong! Finally we are getting some better picnic weather too, which makes me almost giddy.

Picnic #11

May 19. At Tamarack Park, right by our house. It was a cool and windy day, but which days aren't like that lately?

Picnic #12

May 24. At East Community Park in Lakeville, with Katie and Addy.
It was another chilly day, but it was great to have some extra company too!

Picnic #13

May 26. At North Creek Park in Farmington. This playground was new last year. Brady did an awesome job on the monkey bars here, but the video is too hard to load, so I can't share it easily.
Picnic #14

May 29. I didn't catch the name of this park, but it was in Princeton, near the Rum River.
We stopped here for lunch in the midst of our cemetery stops, played football, and gave Marshall a well-needed rest in the swing.

Picnic #15

May 31. At Westview Park in Farmington. Thanks to our leaking AC, Daddy got an extra day off work and he was able to join us for our picnic.


Katie said...

Great pictures!!!! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Keep the picnics going! :)