Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We've become a sports family.

I guess it was somewhat bound to happen with 3 boys and a Daddy who loves to watch and play sports. And, even though I'm not much of a sports nut myself, when it's my boys playing the game, it takes on a whole new meaning.

It began last summer when Brady started T-ball and played for a team called the Otters. Remember this? Then, last winter, he tried out basketball on a team called Oklahoma. Remember this? Next, we moved onto swimming lessons in the winter with Brady in the Seahorses and Logan in the Starfish. Remember this? And also swimming lessons for just Brady this spring (hooray for passing the preschool level and then level 1 as well). Then onto track and field for Brady, on the black team...right here.

Now we've entered the world of baseball, which is a little more intense. The team is called Texas Orange. Brady has baseball twice a week for either a game or a practice. Track and field has also not quite ended...uffda!

Logan will begin T-ball in June, and lucky Brady and Logan will only overlap 2 games, since Brady's team is done earlier in the year.

Although it's been a bit of a time commitment, it's been good for all of us at the same time.
Sports gets us out of the house in the winter, out into the sunshine in the summer, and out as a family all of the time.
It has taught Logan and Marshall much patience, and caused Brady to make many new friends.
I also think sports are a great outlet for kids, and keep them busy, with less time to get into trouble, especially as they get older.

We are still working on trying to balance our time and how many sports each child will participate in, but for now, we're just letting Brady experience as many different sports as he'd like....and it's been a blast!!

Playing catcher in last night's game.

Logan and his new friend Gavin, at the game.

Enjoying being outside on a beautiful night, while watching his big brother play ball.

Last Sunday's track meet (postponed from rainy Saturday).
Brady's in black with orange sleeves.


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon we'll be watching all 3 run at the track meets and we'll be there all day. :) So much fun to see them grow up.

Grandpa said...

Brady looks awesome in catcher's gear. The next Joe Mauer. Except Brady will hit more homeruns:)