Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picnics 6-10

Thanks to some great weather in the past 2 weeks (along with some not-so-great weather too), we've now made it to 11 picnics!!

Here's where we've been eating lunch lately.

Picnic #6

May 6. At Rambling River Park in Farmington, right by the Vermillion Rive
This playground will be replaced this season, so the boys wanted to play at the old one once more.

Picnic #7

May 10. At Farmington Preserve Park.

It was a very warm and windy day.

Picnic #8

May 16. At East Community Park in Lakeville.
Perfect weather!! We stayed all morning and did not want to go home :).

Picnic #9

May 17. At Dakota Estates Park in Farmington.
We chose this park because Brady had a baseball game here later that evening.
We ate on the sidewalk, because the picnic tables were all in the shade and it was a bit chilly out.
We played lots of basketball after lunch.

Picnic #10

May 18. At Lake Julia Park in Farmington.
Eating hot dogs and applesauce and drinking water from Chuck E Cheese cups.
Brady and Logan met a boy named Nick here and played with him all morning.


Anonymous said...

I can totally tell the difference in the picture quality!!! Looks awesome!

Molly said...

Oh good, I'm glad you could notice it :).