Monday, May 23, 2011

The End and The Beginning

It is with a heavy heart that I type this post today, but also with much rejoicing.
Today marks the end of our 6 years of daily phone chatting. That is, mine and Laura's.

I remember well when it started, back in June of 2005. Our conversations back then were primarily focused around the upcoming birth of precious Brady. You know what that means, right? Brady is almost 6!! How scary.
For about 2 years we'd chat in the mornings, usually around 9am or so. Lots happened during those 2 years. I moved twice, Laura moved once, and I had a second baby, but through it all, we kept chatting and chatting away at our same trusty time.

Then, somewhere around 2007 or so, we changed up our talk time to after lunch. The women that Laura worked with expected my calls each day and were always happy to hand over the phone. I talked during nap times, while going for walks, or playing with children. It didn't seem to matter. Some days we had many, many interruptions (like Vince calling Laura a million times or crying/fighting children at my place), but we patiently pressed on day after day after day.
It was too important to give up.
It was predictable, meaningful, and important to both of us and I loved it and needed it. We're best friends--always have been and always will be!!

For several years Laura struggled with her job. She wondered whether it would be best to stay or leave, and we prayed about it often. The stress was high, but the predictability was nice. Her co-workers caused stress, but also eased it at times. I remember many times of helping to search for new jobs, but then having Laura tell me that she'd stay put. Some great news came in March of 2010--part time work!!
Part time work was the GREATEST thing--it seemed.
It was wonderful having Laura around on Wednesdays and Fridays last summer. We had tons of time to spend together. We went to parks, water parks, picnics, the zoo, and just hung out. It seemed like we were together nearly every week.
But, Laura still struggled with her job, her stress, and her overall happiness. So we kept praying for a good answer.

I firmly believe that the answer came in January, when Laura got unexpectedly laid off. God had heard our prayers--all of them. Not only did He provide a way out of her current, stressful job, but He also gave her a well-deserved, unexpected 5 month vacation!
Laura cherished her time and used it wisely. She immediately jumped back into Weight Watchers with some great success, got into a great exercise routine, spent an amazing amount of time studying His Word, kept a very tidy house, did plenty of cooking and baking, made time for my children and me often, and also took the time to just enjoy her time off--doing the things she loves. Oh, and of course, we kept on talking, talking, and talking.

And then it happened...
A couple weeks ago, Laura was offered her dream job--more or less.
I found myself wanting badly to tell her not to take it. It hadn't been long enough. It seemed like we needed more time together and that she deserved more time off of work. But I knew it was her decision and that whatever she decided would be right. After all, I knew without a doubt that she had sought God's perfect guidance in her decision.

And so here we are, with the big day already here tomorrow.
I think I may have more butterflies in my own stomach than Laura does (she's much more laid back than I am) :).
So I guess it's the end--sort of. But only the beginning too--of a great job and a new chapter.

Laura has been there for me so many times and brought me through some really hard things. I'm not sure how she does it exactly, but she has a way with me that no one else does. I guess it's because we're sisters and best friends. I wish everyone had a best friend like Laura.

So Laura, as you read this post (and I know you will, my faithful blog commenter), I want to tell you how much I love you, how much I'll be praying for you as you begin your new journey, and what an amazing role model you've been for me. You are my best (as Brady would say), and I'd be lost without you.
I am looking forward to figuring out our new chatting schedule and hearing all about what God has in store for you with your new job. This company has no idea how lucky they are to be getting such a great woman. I just hope they realize that!!


Anonymous said...

I am so humbled by this post and completely in tears. ;) I am in complete agreement about how awesome and important the last 6 years of daily phone conversations have been. I think our relationship has gotten even stronger and even closer over the years...I'm actually fairly certain two people couldn't be any closer. :):):)
I am so honored to have been such a big part of the births of your kids and all of the other fun and not-so-fun events in your life and am so thankful that I will continue to be so for the many years to come.
I love you too and there's no way our talks will stop here! We'll just have to readjust our schedule.
I have no doubt that your prayers are what has kept me going and pulled me through this whole crazy job thing!
Thank God for sisters!! :D

Katie said...

This brought tears to my eyes....So precious, your relationship is!

Dad said...


One word:)

Jason said...

Very Nice , Kleenex please

Anonymous said...

Dad...I like that. We might as well be one word. :)

Molly said...

Thanks for all the comments. It's fun to read them all.