Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break. Part 2

Blogger has not been working properly lately, so I apologize for my last post being so messed up, and even missing some pictures I wanted to post.

Hopefully it works right this time around. Since I last posted, this is what we've been up to.

Wednesday: After BSF and my last blog post, we headed to the Farmington Library. The older boys read some books, while Marshall played with magnetic letters, and I was able to order a book that was recommended to me this week (it should be in, in about a week!). Then we made a quick stop at Econo Foods for some fresh veggies for Peter's lunches at work.

Thursday: We got up early and drove up to Eagan to meet Laura, Katie, and Addy at The Blast indoor playground. Due to an indoor garage sale at the community center, I was able to save $4 on our total admission too! Then, we all headed over to Peter's work and joined him for lunch. The boys were thrilled to see Daddy in the middle of the day, and Peter had a good break from work, and a fun time showing Laura and Katie around his gigantic work.

: Today has been a bumpy day so far. We started off with a trip to Burnsville Center. We picked up Marshall's 12 month pictures, looked at the many different animals at the pet shop, bought some $.25 candy from a machine, and played at the mall playground. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short when Brady's behavior became unpleasant, forcing us to evacuate the mall quickly. Oh, the joys of little children!!

Currently the little 2 are napping, and Brady is working on a project that I came up with. He is making a small poster for our family to display. The theme is The Golden Rule and Matthew 7:12. I"ll have to post some pictures of his completed work soon. I'm sure it will be great!

This weekend: We had originally made some fun plans for tomorrow, but due to the behavior incident, they have been canceled. Luckily it is going to be a bit warmer tomorrow, so maybe we can change our plans to include a nice, long walk, and some time to focus on biking without training wheels! For Sunday, we'll be heading north to Blaine to see Nana and Papa for the first time since Christmas! We were also invited to a private indoor ice skating event, but due to Peter's bum knee, my inability to skate like the wind, and a child who doesn't even walk yet, let alone skate, we will not be attending.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Seeing it all written down really tells how much we did this week! What a great week! I had a blast with you guys and Katie and Addy. :)
That Golden Rule project sounds really'll have to tell me more about it on Sunday!

Katie said...

What a blast we have had this week! Such a blessing to be involved in your lives! I had such a blast at Peter's work!!! What a blessing to have that kind of job!!! I would just sit in the lunch room all day :)